Vehicles for the UN

Trucks for auxiliary operations in difficult terrain

The United Nations has ordered over 700 units of Mercedes-Benz, MAN and IVECO - each completely overhauled and repainted - from Boss Pro-Tec GmbH for their operations in the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.

In Europe, governments, authorities, and the military maintain large fleets of commercial vehicles for general tasks and possibly necessary civilian or military operations. These vehicles are used for the benefit and protection of the civilian population in communities, road construction authorities, fire brigades, other technical institutions and by the German Federal Armed Forces.

Due to possible use, these vehicles are always maintained and serviced with the greatest possible care and are therefore in technically perfect condition.

Most of these trucks have all-wheel drive, are equipped with flatbeds and tarpaulins and are the ideal solution for transporting goods and people.

We constantly have a large number of these vehicles in our vehicle warehouse, which are technically completely overhauled and repainted by us. In addition to the price advantage over new vehicles, many of the almost new used vehicles are immediately available from stock.

We also have other vehicles continuously available - ask us.