Mobile workshops

We equip these individually and completely according to customer requirements for all conceivable tasks and areas of application; for example with workbenches and tool cabinets, welding generators, welding and cutting torches, machines and tools, compressors, special tools and lifting devices, pneumatically operated lubrication, grease and fuel pumps, etc.

In principle, the superstructures are supplied with a torsion-free or torsion-resistant subframe. This ensures optimum use even in difficult terrain.

The division with appropriate doors, hinged side walls, crane runway or separate generator room, as well as the arrangement of the different machines and devices, we make for you practice-oriented. This guarantees safe and effective working.


In order to be prepared for use in difficult terrain, a well known and proven 4 x 4 chassis selected.

The special tools for mobile use enable the most varied maintenance work on pipelines.

The right tool is selected for professional use, every special task and every special purpose.

The machines and equipment used meet the highest quality standards and safety requirements.