Tools, devices and machines of all kinds

We only supply quality products from reputable and reliable manufacturers.

Our understanding of quality is not only limited to the raw materials used and the surface finish, all products are manufactured in accordance with

Complete workshops for industry, trade and above all training workshops are tailored to the respective case of need. Corresponding equipment lists for the most different occupational branches are available on request.
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Country-specific features and traditional working methods are incorporated into our proposals. All tools comply with national and international standards, are tested in accordance with accident prevention regulations and are available for every working area.

The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health of the EU is also in the foreground here

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Machine tools supplied by us

All machines meet the highest demands of modern production and training requirements.

This ensures the sustainable training of urgently needed specialists.
Of course, the lathes correspond to the precision of the toolmaker.

Procurement security and reliable delivery times are guaranteed by our many years of cooperation with the top manufacturers.