Support and integration of private training centres with workshop equipment, machines and tools.

Education and vocational training are the areas with the highest priority with regard to the overall economic situation of the country. Approximately 300,000 young people apply for jobs every year. This number far exceeds the capacity of the labour market. For decades, education and vocational training in general have played a small role.

The aim of the project is to create additional capacities in private training centres and to expand existing ones in order to integrate them into the national education sector. The main objective is to create a positive environment to reduce unemployment and underemployment, ultimately to combat poverty and boost the economy of the whole country.

The first phase of the project involves the procurement, transport, distribution and installation of tools, equipment, machines and generators in 25 selected private training centres in the country.


The contract was awarded to Boss Pro-Tec GmbH in July. Delivery, transport, distribution and erection were carried out between January and February. The goods were purchased from approx. 200 suppliers, the total delivery comprised 18 x 40' containers and 7 x 20' containers, total weight approx. 95,000 kg.
Our technicians carried out the quality and quantity controls as well as the commissioning together with the responsible persons on site.

Scope of delivery

Tool assortments for...

Automotive mechanics · bricklayers and builders · carpenters and joiners · electricians · plumbers · mechanical engineers · locksmiths and welders · agricultural workers

Workshop equipment for...

Mechanics and metal construction · Sheet metal working and plumbing · Metal working and welding · Carpentry and joinery · Construction and concrete work · Automotive mechanics · Painting and decoration · Electricity and electronics · Kitchen and service · Tailoring

Machines for...

Mechanical engineering · Woodworking · Automotive mechanics · Metalworking and welding

Blackboards, PCs, teaching materials and power generators

Any service and support work, including processing of possible warranty claims, as well as further technical support, is guaranteed by our local partners.