Marshall Islands

Solar Project/Photovoltaic Systems

The request: The supply of energy by photovoltaic systems to health stations and other private and public institutions.

The project sites are located in Micronesia and comprise 5 islands and about 30 atolls. The local conditions on the islands and atolls, as well as the requirements for a relatively small amount of energy for households, schools and health centres, were a suitable situation for the use of solar energy.
Therefore, a photovoltaic project was approved to primarily supply electricity to the health centres. The supply of schools and private households was inevitable.

The project was awarded on a turnkey basis to Boss Pro-Tec GmbH and comprised the supply and installation of complete solar equipment for a total of 12 health centres on the outer islands and atolls not previously supplied with electricity. The corresponding positive general development of the individual locations should play an important role as a side effect.


Planning and construction of the individual, individually different units by Boss Pro-Tec GmbH. The material was then delivered, the equipment distributed within the group of islands, complete electrical installation and commissioning, process and quality control and training of the maintenance personnel on site.

The capacity of the individual solar systems is 1 - 1.5 kW per island, they supply the lighting of various buildings, street lighting, medicine refrigerators, solar-powered pump systems for the water supply of the health centres and public facilities, as well as the power supply of important radio and communication systems.

Scope of delivery

  • Solar systems
  • Solar street lighting
  • Charge/discharge controller
  • Batteries
  • Solar supply of medicine refrigerators