Vocational training program

Expansion of the educational and vocational training programme, special field of automotive training systems.

The purpose of the overall project is to improve and develop the quality of the training system in different sectors. The measures are intended to reduce poverty and stabilise the economy as a whole in the medium term. This will mainly be achieved by reducing unemployment and underemployment.

The beneficiary training institutes are located in specially selected locations throughout the country. A total of seven facilities have been fully equipped.

The goal of the project is achieved by supplying training equipment, machines, tools, literature, computers, audiovisual equipment, accessories and consumables.


The contract was awarded to Boss Pro-Tec GmbH in December and the delivery, installation, commissioning and training were carried out between March and July.

Equipment was purchased from approx. 220 suppliers. The entire delivery consisted of 14 x 40' containers and 5 x 20' containers, with a total weight of 84,000 kg.
Transport, as well as distribution and installation at the individual final destinations were part of the contract.

Our local partner and our technicians, together with the beneficiary's inspection team, carried out the quantity and quality checks, after which the equipment was installed.

After complete acceptance by the committee, the training of the local vocational school teachers and trainers was held on site.

Scope of delivery

Vehicle workshop equipment and devices

including test lane · axle measuring stand · brake test stand, shock absorber and suspension test stand for passenger cars and vans · scissor lift · 2-post lift · 4-post lift · exhaust extraction system

Automotive electrical and testing equipment

including mobile test units with ESI electronics · engine tester with oscilloscope · exhaust gas tester, pocket system tester for ODB diagnostics · emission tester · functional engine models

Maintenance and overhaul equipment

Measuring tools and devices for...

Engines · Body · Suspension · Air conditioning · Oil and lubrication equipment

Books and electronic media

Consumables and spare parts

Laboratory equipment, car training sets

Repair equipment for ...

Engines · Gearboxes

Customer service, including the handling of possible warranty claims, as well as other technical support is provided by our local partner.