Mining equipment for coal mines in Kosovo

Equipment for coal mines and auxiliary equipment for surface mining - earthmoving machinery, cranes, vehicles and technical equipment

After the end of the Balkan wars it turned out that the energy supply of the population and the economy would be one of the main factors to rebuild and pacify the whole region.

The existing open pit mines with their huge lignite deposits were far below their potential production capacity due to inoperable or missing machinery and equipment.

Although it was technically possible to overhaul some of the large excavators, conveyors and spreaders, the support equipment inside and outside the mines was either totally dismantled or no longer operational.

The aim of the project is to put these centrally important equipment back into a technically faultless condition and to replace the missing auxiliary equipment. The overall mine efficiency should also be improved.

The equipment should be suitable for work in open pit mines under the most difficult terrain conditions, the special and difficult geological and meteorological environmental conditions in the mines had to be considered.


Several different contracts, financed by the EU, were awarded to
Boss Pro-Tec GmbH.

The corresponding deliveries, transports, distribution and order picking as well as commissioning were carried out according to the various contracts.

Our technicians took care of the unloading of the machines from the railway or the transport vehicles, as well as the delivery on site, the quality and quantity check, commissioning, execution of the first services, as well as the training of the drivers and the technical personnel.

Scope of delivery

  • grader
  • telescopic boom excavator
  • backhoe chain excavator
  • bulldozers
  • crawler loaders
  • vibration rollers
  • mobile cranes
  • Articulated dump trucks
  • tractors
  • low-loaders
  • cable trolley
  • dump trucks
  • workshop wagon
  • workshop trailer
  • multi-purpose vehicles
  • estate cars
  • pickup truck
  • laboratory equipment
  • tools
  • workshop equipment