Solomon Islands - Malaita

Agricultural infrastructure project, vehicles and technical equipment

The purpose of the project is to promote the improvement and new construction of roads and infrastructure. An integral part of the project is the use of locally available and alternative building materials, the recycling of existing materials and the improvement of research and the increased use of natural resources.

The equipment supplied will mainly be used on the larger islands, but it will also be possible to transport it to other atolls on request. Due to the transport possibilities between the islands, the machines and vehicles should show a high mobility, also regarding weight and volume.


The contract was awarded to Boss Pro-Tec GmbH in November, delivery, picking and training were carried out between May and July. Transport by sea and delivery to the final destinations took about 10 weeks.

Our local partner carried out the order picking, installation, commissioning and training of drivers and technical staff in its workshops. The costs for the first year of customer service including spare parts were part of the contract and were met by our representative.

Scope of delivery

  • dump trucks
  • workshop wagon
  • off-road vehicles
  • laboratory equipment
  • tools and workshop equipment

Any service and support work, including processing of possible warranty claims, as well as further technical support, is guaranteed by our local partner.